25 Favorite Beauty & Personal Care Products

Today is my birthday!! Today I turn 25, and to celebrate I thought it would be fun to release 3 posts this week, each sharing 25 of my favorite things. In each post you’ll get to know me a little better, discover new things & possibly find answers to a few questions you may have. Starting with today’s post, where I’m sharing my 25 favorite beauty & personal care products!

When it comes to finding our go-to products, it can take years of trial and error. Luckily we can now look up product reviews, watch tutorials, and read ingredient lists, in addition to asking friends who’ve tried the same products. But with so many options available it can be difficult to know where to begin and what to try.

I’ve been getting so many questions over the years about my favorite beauty & personal care products but I felt like they were constantly changing & I was never thrilled with every product I was using… until now. Every single one of these products have been game changers for me! And even after trying new products here and there, I always return to these.

However, before I dive in, I wanted to share a little background. A few years ago I began down the path of finding a healthier lifestyle. It started out with looking into ingredients of the food I ate, choosing Organic whenever possible and trying not to eat heavily processed foods. And then, about a year ago I started looking into the products I was using & bringing into my home. As a child we discovered I was allergic to a few products like Tide detergent, and a few body washes and lotions. But that was years ago, before we had any idea what could be causing it. For the last 4 years I have slowly been learning more & more about what products and ingredients I’m sensitive to or should avoid regardless of how I may react to them. Ingredients like: artificial dyes, sweeteners and fragrances, as well as processed Soy and heavily processed foods. However, it hasn’t been easy, and unfortunately when it comes to beauty & personal care products it can be very hard to find healthy options.



Last year I tried switching over to all Natural and Organic Skincare and personal care products. Some things were easy to switch, like body wash & toothpaste, however, deodorant took much longer. I ended up trying about 10 brands before finding one that worked for me. I also found that getting the same results with natural makeup was nearly impossible. TI’m sharing all this to say that even though every single one of the products on this list is not 100% natural, organic, or free from anything that could be harmful, I’ve decided, that just like most things in life… it’s all about a balance. Right? And being intentional and making wise choices whenever possible is a huge step in the right direction!

Below I’ve compiled a list of all of my “go-to” products including hair care, makeup, and skin care. These are the things I purchase again & again. If you think I left something out or you have any questions please feel free to reach out. Enjoy!

25 Favorite Beauty & Personal Care Products

 1. Makeup removing wipes These are a game changer! I discovered these makeup removing wipes at Whole Foods about a year ago & was amazed at how well they worked! They’re gentle but effective, don’t dry out quickly and don’t irritate my skin even in the slightest. Over the years I tried brands like Burt’s Bees, Andalou, Avalon Organics, Neutrogena, Simple, Almay, Pond’s, Garnier, Pacifica, Yes To Cucumbers, Olay, Aveeno, CeraVe, L’Oreal, & Acure, only to find that they would irritate or burn my skin or eyes, dry out, cause me to breakout or fail to actually remove the majority of my makeup. Since the two Whole Foods locations near me don’t always have them in stock, I’ve resorted to buying them in bulk online. But let me tell you, they are worth every penny. I love these wipes so much that whenever I see them on sale I buy multiple packs at a time.

2. Avocado & Olive Oil Shampoo & Conditioner My mom actually introduced me to this brand when I mentioned I was looking for a new shampoo & conditioner, I have been hooked ever since! I love buying the bigger bottles with the included pumps.

3. Sparkling Mint Body Wash

4. 4-in-1 Shave Cream  I buy mine at Whole Foods for around $5, but it’s also available at local drugstores, and Target

5. Anti-Frizz Binding Serum I would be willing to bet, this product is one of the main reasons that I can now go almost a year without a hair cut & no longer have horribly frayed split ends

6. Leave-in Product Perfect for protecting your hair from the heat of your blow dryer, curling iron or flat iron. Leaves my hair silky smooth, frizz free & it smells amazing

7. Curling Iron I asked Nathan for this curling iron for Christmas & even though it’s definitely a splurge, I think it’s worth every penny. I used to switch back & forth between 3 different curling irons that were all under $50 and I donated them immediately after getting this one! It heats up in about 3 seconds and I only have to hold each section of hair for 5-8 seconds, which means I can curl my entire head of hair in about 10 minutes! Worth every penny in my opinion…

8. Root Boosting Mousse If you happened to watch my stories a few weeks ago, I introduced these new products into my hair care routine & absolutely love them! I received so many questions about how I curl my hair & these products so I may do a full tutorial soon. But until then, this mousse and the hairspray below are amazing and you need them in your life!

9. Big Hair Spray 

10. Dry Shampoo Not white residue, no funky smell, and it helps keep my hair looking fresh for days

11. Moisturizer Around December, my skin was so dry it was painful. The woman at Ulta recommended this moisturizer & it has made such a difference in the texture & appearance of my skin. I recently noticed a few of my friends use the same one and they said they’ve been using it for years!

12. Foundation I had been using this foundation from Cover FX throughout the Fall and Winter but recently tried the new Estée Lauder Double Wear & was amazed by the coverage & lightweight feel. I used about 1/3 of the product amount I had been using with Cover FX

13. Concealer This is my favorite concealer I’ve ever tried!

14. Mascara This is the one I’m currently using but I also like this one, this one, and this is one of my long-time favorite prestige brand mascaras. I’ve tried both drugstore & prestige brands of mascaras and personally, I haven’t found a difference big enough to justify spending 3x the cost on the prestige brands.

15. Bronzer In the shade Light/Medium. I’ve been using this one for almost a year. It gives me the perfect amount of subtle natural color without looking fake or too heavy.

16. Blush In the color: “Tropical Hues” or this one in the color “Orgasm” is great too, I switch back & forth

17. Face Wash I have been using this gentle cleanser for about 2 years now. It’s inexpensive, the bottle lasts me for about a year and since it’s so gentle I can use it to clean my makeup brushes & beauty blender as well as my skin! What could be better?

18. RoseHip Oil My little sister gave me some skincare products last year from Whole Foods for my birthday and this Rose Hip oil was included and has been a lifesaver for my dry skin during the cold & dry months!

19. Clarisonic I use mine about every other day or whenever my skin feels like it needs a little bit of a gentle but deep clean. I’ve had this one for about 4 years and I buy the Radiance replacement brush heads. I have very sensitive skin and this product doesn’t irritate my skin at all & I love how soft & smooth my skin feels after using it

20. Charcoal Mask I have been using this since high school! I buy the travel size for portability when traveling or on the go. This is my #1 go-to product whenever I see a little spot of acne beginning to appear on my face. I simply place a tiny pea size amount on the affected area & let it sit for about 10 minutes then rinse it off with warm water. The breakout is barely noticeable if not completely gone by the next morning. It’s amazing!

21. Aluminum & Paraban-Free Lavender Deodorant Amazing. No white marks, no weird smells, and it works.

22. Lavender Chamomile Body Lotion This lotion is absolutely amazing! I first read about it on this website, from one of my favorite influencers. When I was in Whole Foods later that week I decided to try it. It has since become my all-time favorite lotion. It’s velvety smooth, incredibly moisturizing and smells amazing. My hands have been so dry this winter, that they began cracking and getting incredibly red & irritated. I’ve been using this as a hand lotion at night with these moisturizing gloves & it keeps my hands so soft all day long. I also put some of the lotion in a small travel sized bottle to keep with me in my bag. I’ll occasionally stop throughout the day to rub my hands and fingers together, each time amazed at how incredibly soft they are!

23. Moisturizing Rosebud Chapstick This is another repeat buy for me. I’ve been using this for about a year. I tried a few other similar products but keep coming back to this one. It has such a wonderful smell & leaves my lips so soft & moiturized. I always have one with my in my bag. You can also buy it here, here & here

24. Tinted Lip Treatment with SPF 15 In the color Rosé. This is another product I never leave home without! I’ve also used the clear & Petal colors but Rosé is my absolute favorite for everyday. You can also find it here & here

25. Lip Liner In the color Potpourri. This lip liner matches both the Rosé & Petal colors beautifully from the lip treatment previously mentioned. I love using the liner before the tinted balm instead of a lipstick for the perfect everyday moisturized color.


I’m always curious to know what products others use, so I hope you found this list helpful and filled with new fun products to try! Wishing you all a beautiful day!

xx Elizabeth


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