30 Stocking Stuffers Under $30 (for Men)

I can’t believe Christmas day is THIS Sunday! This season is always my favorite time of year… but is it just me, or do y’all feel like this entire month has been on fast forward?

Every year I make an effort to get my gift shopping done early. And I was off to a great start at the beginning of the month but then somehow the week of Christmas is upon us, and a little bit of panic started to set in.

It can be so challenging to think of presents everyone will love, while sticking to a budget… and I know I’m not alone when I say: no one could be more difficult to buy for than the men in your life. I think it’s because they usually already have what they want. When guys want something, they go out and buy it. They’re also very selective on what they want- unlike my “need” for 5 pairs of identical sneakers in different colors. And for women there’s also makeup, jewelry, and 2,000 scents of candles and perfume (roughly)… so girls are naturally just easier to shop for because there are SO many options. However when it’s time to buy presents for the guys, we get stumped.

This year I’ve curated 30 unique stocking stuffers for the men in your life, under $30, that step outside the “toothbrush, undies & gift card norm”. So without further ado here are some ideas for those like me who waited until the last minute…


Some of the items on this list are already under the tree & in stockings for my guys this year. And while you can consider these “stocking stuffers”, many serve as great gifts too!

I cannot wait for Christmas this year and I hope these stocking stuffers help make your shopping list a little shorter…

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!

xx Elizabeth

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