Spring in Savannah

Around this time last week, I realized I had the upcoming Friday off of work. When I called Nathan to tell him, he suggested exactly what I was thinking… a trip back to Savannah, Georgia for a long weekend. We recently visited Savannah last September for the first time together and had such a wonderful trip. […]


My friend Hannah’s birthday was last weekend, so a group of us got together on Saturday to celebrate. We spent the day visiting some gorgeous wineries and vineyards that are part of the Dahlonega Wine Trail. Cavendar Creek Our first stop was the beautiful Cavendar Creek Vineyards. In the center of the property lies a restored […]


Soon after getting engaged I was completely consumed with wedding planning: flowers, bridesmaids dresses, venue, catering etc… The last thing on my mind at the time was our honeymoon. However, I can’t say the same thing about Nathan, I’m pretty sure it might have been the only thing on his mind! We went back & […]