Fall Bucket List


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It’s surreal to me that we are already well into the month of October. These last few months have felt like they’re flying by. I cannot wait for the weather to cool down, so it can truly feel like the Fall season we all know and love… but regardless of the weather, in our home, we are fully embracing everything about Fall and soaking up everything we love about this time of year. Warm comforting drinks, soups in the crockpot, cozy socks and autumn scented candles, just to name a few. Last year I shared our family’s Fall Bucket List, and it was such a fun way to share our plans for the season. Many of you responded back with great ideas of your own too! It’s always fun to gather new ideas from each other to make the most of every season. So this year, I am back again with some of our favorite fall traditions, as well as some new ideas that we can’t wait to try.

Later this week I’ll be sharing a yummy autumn-inspired recipe that has become a go-to for mornings in our home.  Looking for more Fall inspiration? Check out some of this year’s fall decor in our home, last year’s Fall bucket list, or this easy DIY craft I shared with you last week.

Fall Bucket List:

  1. Go Apple picking
  2. Go to a Pumpkin Patch
  3. Eat an Apple Cider Donut
  4. Try a new Autumn-inspired recipe 
  5. Host a Fall themed get together
  6. “Boo” some neighbors 
  7. Act of anonymous kindness 
  8. Decorate for Fall Inside & Out
  9. Visit the Farmer’s Market
  10. Have a Date-night in on a rainy day
  11. Try a new crockpot recipe
  12. Go on a hayride
  13. Make a Fall wreath/craft
  14. Bake a pie from scratch
  15. Go on morning hike somewhere beautiful


I created this list on my phone a few weeks ago, so I’ve already been able to check off a few of the goals on the list.

My friend Kelley & I visited two local pumpkin patches last weekend where we went on a hayride and picked up some pretty pumpkins (which also helped us finish our Fall decorating).



This weekend I am hosting the second annual Fall Brunch at our home and I am so excited! I look forward to this event each year now, and it’s become the perfect way to kick off the season with some of my best friends.

There are so many things to love about this time of year. I love having this list as a reminder to slow down, appreciate each day and make it memorable. Our daily lives can get so busy, that I have found having a “bucket list” for each season truly encourages me to make the most of each moment. I hope this list inspires you to get creative and make some memories this season. If you already have a list of annual traditions, try to be creative & try something new or share your traditions with friends!


xx Elizabeth


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