His & Hers Easter Baskets

Ever since Nathan & I’s first Easter together we have had this tradition. We both tend to be kids at heart so the idea of gifting each other with Easter Baskets every year is so fitting for us. Each year the gifts vary slightly but generally our baskets include a few of our favorite items, or things that remind us of each other. Our favorite candy, magazines, treats, etc… have been found in our baskets before. Some years we set a budget, others we just go for it but generally our baskets range from $40-$75.

I’ve always loved giving gifts to others. Whether it’s for a special reason or “just because”, I love picking out items with someone pariticular in mind. My favorite way to give a gift is in the form of a gift basket. So when it comes to stockings at Christmas time, baby showers or easter baskets, I get really inspired to create something beautiful and unique.

As with most holidays, Easter has been centered around making the day really special for kids, but this year I wanted to share some ideas for some grown up Easter Baskets for the adults to enjoy!

Nathan’s Basket

I always try to give Nathan a few practical gifts and a few fun ones. So this year I filled his basket with a few of his favorite snacks, a new wallet (since his old one had seen better days), some fun socks for work, some new tools (since my pink toolkit isn’t very manly), and a bath brush as a little joke because Nathan is always asking me to scratch his back.

Elizabeth’s Basket

I love to bake. Nathan knew I’d been eyeing this scone baking dish for a little while. It’s the prettiest shade of blue and I think the sweet scalloped edge is adorable. He also picked up this Lemon Poppy Seed Scone Mix to go with it, it looks delicious. Also in my basket was this adorable apron. I fell in love with the pattern and already have the matching napkins on my kitchen table. On a recent trip to Trader Joe’s, Nathan was told that the Meyer Lemon cake mix was amazing. So that was added to my basket along with the cutest ruffled edge cake stand for me to display it on. It’s taking a little self control to wait until Easter weekend to make everything because it’s all so pretty!

The best way to create a beautiful gift basket is to follow these tips…

Stick to a theme:

Whether it’s themed around a favorite hobby, sport, team, pastime, holiday, memory, favorite animal or color, try to pick a theme a stick to it. It’ll not only help you when picking out items, but it will also make sense to the person receiving the gift when they open it.

Create a color scheme:

I’ve found that a gift with multiple items looks more aesthetically pleasing when the colors coordinate. To start, pick out the first big/main item (for example: in my basket that was the scone baking dish) and then pick secondary items with similar colors as the main gift (the apron had a similar shade of blue as the dish and the lemon scone mix, cake mix and lemons added a fun pop of color to complement the blue dish).

Be creative with the basket or container:

Easter baskets were the perfect container for Easter but you can easily switch things up. This Melamine Mixing Bowl would be another adorable “basket” for a baking themed gift. A toolbox or Metal Basket would be a fun and unique “basket” for a tool or sports themed gift. Also, keep in mind that an oval or rectangular shaped basket will help showcase the gift’s contents more beautifully.

The possibilities are endless, but most importantly, have fun with it!

xx Elizabeth

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    Great tips & photos! Can’t wait to see you this weekend! ?

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