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Happy Tuesday everyone!

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Ours was pretty eventful. We spent the night Wednesday with my Husband’s family (12 of us) in Blue Ridge, watched Christmas movies and decorated gingerbread houses with the cousins. The next day we left around lunch time for my Aunt Dawn’s house where there were 34 of us for a mid-day feast! Then we finally ventured over to my other Aunt’s house, for our final Thanksgiving meal of the day with my mom’s side of the family – with 14 more! It was a whirlwind of a day but we felt so blessed to be surrounded by family enjoying delicious food and even better company.

Nathan & my sweet Grandma

My team’s gingerbread house

So as many of you have noticed, I’ve been MIA from the blog for a few weeks now. I’ve missed writing and sharing with y’all so much! Life has just been a little crazy this last month with the holidays approaching and all. Even though I wasn’t able to spend as much time on the blog this last month as I would’ve liked, I have been bursting at the seams with ideas to share, especially so close to Christmas (my favorite holiday and time of year)! So there will be plenty of posts to come…

About a month ago I decided to try taking our own Christmas card photos this year. I know… we’re brave! I figured we have a camera, tripod & remote, how hard could it really be, right!?

I went into our little photo session knowing what poses I wanted to try, and I set an ideal timeframe of about 45 minutes. Yeah that did not happen… almost 3 hours later we had about 75 decent shots & about 10 we deemed “Christmas card worthy”.

The most difficult part about taking our own photos (which we anticipated), was getting George to look at the camera. Since there was no one behind the tripod to grab his attention, he was easily distracted by any people, cars or animals that passed by. Luckily my camera (on remote setting) makes a few beeps before snapping each shot. So if we timed it just right when no one was around he would look straight at the camera at the perfect time! But we also faced some lighting challenges and it was rather windy that day as well. Overall, even though it took much longer than we expected, and we had our challenges, I’d say it was a success.

It was my first time using the tripod or remote so most of the time was spent trying to get things set up just right or learning how to adjust the tripod. Nathan was so patient and kept reassuring me that we were in no hurry and next time would be even easier. We kept it fun and light hearted, and we remained patient with weather or waiting for the squirrels to pass so George could focus again 🙂

I have even more respect for photographers after our DIY Christmas card photoshoot… it requires so much knowledge on lighting, settings, angles, poses & editing, just to name a few. There is so much more involved than just “point & shoot” when shooting with a DSLR. Anyone can purchase a camera and equipment but I have quickly learned that it requires a lot of research and practice to get the desired results.

Once I decided upon which photo I’d like to use, it was time to create our card. After playing around on different sites, I decided to use Many sites have cute card designs but what sealed the deal for me was the free recipient addressing offers. They give you an address template where you can enter in each recipients address and then upload the template when you’re finished. Each name & address will be printed on the envelopes when our cards arrive, which is SUCH a time saver! I also ordered some cute custom stamps that match the card design I chose for our Christmas card. Lastly, I ordered a custom return address stamp instead of choosing to have our address printed on the back of our cards (even though that’s a great option!). The stamps were on sale 25% off, plus 10% off with code when you sign up for email. So it made my decision even easier. Now I can simply use the stamp with anything we mail instead of hand writing each envelope. Our Christmas cards will arrive by the end of this week and I cannot wait to send them to friends & family!

Also, just a quick PSA: George turned 6 months old on Saturday!

He is growing so quickly (already 30 lbs!) and is still as sweet & cuddly as ever. We are slightly obsessed and so thankful for our handsome furry little pup. Happy 1/2 birthday George!

xx Elizabeth

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