Our First Home

So, in case you haven’t heard, we recently shared some exciting news…

We bought our first house!

We are so incredibly excited. This has been a very long process for us & we couldn’t be more thrilled for it to be over & for us to finally have a house to call home.

A little backstory…

Ever since Nathan & I got married we have been looking at houses. Mainly just for fun & to get an idea of what we would like one day. We loved to stroll through neighborhoods anytime we saw a house that caught our eye. We hoped that looking early would help us get on the same page for our ideal house and make the process of picking one easier, which it did. However when we became ready to buy a house it was unfortunately such a difficult process for us.

At first we had to decide on wether we should go with a new construction or an older home we could fix up. While I initially loved the idea of a challenge in a fixer upper, and I enjoy doing little projects, we ultimately decided a new construction would be better for us in our current stage of life. We love to have our nights & weekends free for travel, time with family and friends, and date nights. A fixer upper would take away from that freedom, so we decided to go the new construction route.

Once we decided on a new construction we started looking at new homes & neighborhoods in our ideal area of town. The next 6 months or so were definitely a roller coaster. For the price point we were looking in combined with the style and amenities we hoped for… resulted in very slim pickings. We also ended up having two houses fall through before finding our current home! Each time was more devastating than the last because we thought each home was so perfect and there was no way we could find a better fit… yet with each new house, they only got better & we loved it more than the last. Until finally, with the help of our realtor… we found the perfect house for us! We actually signed the contract for it on my birthday, February 12th, and we closed on May 18th. The coolest part for us was our move in date. We moved into our first house 4 years to the day from our very first date, on May 19th!

So without further ado…

Below is a sneak peak of the house with some photos I quickly snapped during our walk through just one week before we closed…

This is the view from the entryway. I love that you can see straight through the house to the backyard from the door!
This is our dining room, off the foyer…
At first we weren’t sure about this off the kitchen desk but it’s quickly grown on us, it’s now the perfect spot to store our keys, sunglasses, and tools we access regularly, out of sight.
The Kitchen & Butler’s Pantry (which passes through to the dining room and stands in front of a walk-in pantry)
Standing in our eat-in Kitchen area, you can more easily see the pass through to the Dining Room and the door to the walk-in Pantry.
A view of the Kitchen & eat-in Kitchen from the hallway that leads to the half Bath and downstairs Office
The Sunroom, one of my favorite rooms in the house!
Living Room – we have plans to reface the fireplace with brick & add built-ins on either side but it’ll probably be a little while… This room gets so much natural light!
Master Bedroom
The Sitting Room, off the Master Bedroom
Back of the house… I have some big plans for this view!
Partial view of the front of the house with the new planters we added last weekend!

I’ll be posting updated photos soon with what each room looks like after we moved in and added our personal touch with things like new light fixtures, fans, hardware, and of course decor. The house already looks so different from these photos, I cant wait to share some updated ones!

xx, Elizabeth

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  1. Awesome, enjoy the experience!!

  2. Lisa richerson says: Reply

    Congrats on your first home! It looks fabulous!

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