Snow Day

This past weekend we had the rare occurrence of a snow day in Georgia. I’ve lived here my whole life & I could probably count all of the snow days we’ve had on one hand… maybe two. I’m not a cold weather person at all. You will find me in multiple pairs of socks and my winter coat as soon as the temps start dropping to the 40’s.

Nathan, however is the complete opposite. Especially when it comes to snow. The snow started falling late Friday evening, and he was so excited. We took turns opening the patio door & peeking through the blinds to see how much snow had fallen, if it was sticking, etc… We ventured outside early the next morning with George and to our surprise he loved the snow!


I was a little under the weather all weekend so Saturday morning all I wanted was some yogurt and berries, which I topped with some granola from Bare Naked & a drizzle of honey for a touch of sweetness. 

The next day however I was craving blueberry waffles. Whenever I make waffles I always make a lot and freeze any leftovers in a gallon size bag with the date they were made. Our waffle maker makes the process much faster since it can make two full-size Belgian waffles at once. I used the Trader Joe’s Belgian waffle mix and added some fresh blueberries and chopped walnuts to the batter just before ladling it onto the waffle iron. I can only eat one waffle before I’m completely stuffed, but it was delicious! And now I have plenty of leftovers in the freezer for whenever I’d like another.

And yes in the background of those photos you can probably see that our Christmas tree is still up. It’s one of the last remaining Christmas decorations up. I’ve only put it off because I know it’ll take a little while to reorganize all the ornaments and lights. And I think I’ll need to buy another storage box too… But I’m hoping this weekend I can muster up the energy to take it down.

After I posted a few of these pictures I received some questions about my outfit. So I linked the details for you below. My jacket in black is sold out but I love the other color options. It’s the perfect weight, easy to layer with and I love that the waist is adjustable for a little added shape. I couldn’t find the exact hat I’m wearing online but I linked some very similar ones for around the same price.

Outfit Details:

Hooded Down Parka, Oversized Flannel Scarf, Ponte Leggings, Boots, Hat (in-stores only, similar here & here), Sunglasses

xx Elizabeth

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